Most of us find the perfect pair of glasses and stick with them until…well, let’s face it, forever. But just because you can see out of those specs, doesn’t mean they’re still doing their job properly, especially if it’s been over two years!

Unlike shoes that don’t fit a growing child after a summer, determining when it’s time to update your glasses isn’t always easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Vision changes may happen slowly, so if you delay your routine visit to see our Canning Town or Barking opticians, you may not notice how bad your vision has gotten.

So, the question is: how often should you get new glasses? Our trusted optometrists and official guidelines recommend being seen every two years to ensure your prescription is up to date, and if you’re diabetic, have glaucoma, are over 60, or are under 16, this can be annual. But what signs will show you need an updated prescription? Enter our hero hints of the day!

Are you squinting?

First up – do you squint? When you squint, a small, concentrated amount of light is let into your eyes, resulting in better vision. While that gets the job done temporarily, it shouldn’t happen while you wear your glasses. That may mean your prescription has changed, so you can’t see as clearly when your eyes are fully open. All hallmark signs you may need to book an eye exam!

Headaches getting you down?

Next – are your glasses giving you headaches? An out-of-date prescription puts extra work on your eyes and brain, and that puts tension on your eye muscles. So, it’ll come as no surprise that it leads to headaches and eye strain. If you notice more headaches than usual, it may be time to visit our optometrists to check if your vision has changed.

Old isn’t always gold

Our third tip – have you had new glasses in the past year or two? As mentioned before, a comprehensive eye exam is recommended every two years, which means you should also be getting your glasses updated then, if we find your prescription has changed. Our optometrists can even detect early signs of heart disease, diabetes and other eye conditions that may affect your vision during your eye exam, so we can also get you the right treatment for peace of mind.

Double trouble

Seeing double? Well, that’s a hint that your eyes aren’t working together. Two images of one object should not a world make!

Damage control

Fourth hint coming your way! Are your glasses scratched or damaged? Not cool! Scratched lenses can make your vision appear blurry or obstruct it, while a broken frame you’ve cobbled back together with Sellotape can make your glasses sit incorrectly on your face, which means you won’t be seeing properly out of the lenses. Time to replace or repair glasses lenses or frames (or both!)? We think so!

Stay current, stay stylish

High five for our 5th tip! Sometimes you might want to get new glasses simply because you feel like it! As a fashion forward king or queen, maybe you want some on-trend specs to jazz up your eyewear wardrobe, or are just bored of your current pair – who are we to judge? There’s nothing wrong with keeping things fresh!

Lenses for different lifestyles

Last, but not least, are you looking for lenses that meet your current needs? Whether you need blue light lenses to keep your eyes strain-free and relaxed while navigating the digital world, photochromic lenses that automatically darken when exposed to UV light, or anti glare lenses to reduce reflections when driving at night or looking at screens, these are just a few of the high-tech lens types you can explore when selecting your new same day glasses. Don’t be afraid to invest in something new that’ll benefit you more in the long run!

Get same day glasses – London

In a rush for specs or want to replace glasses lenses? We’ve got your back with our speedy same day glasses or next day glasses service for single vision lenses! Our on-site lab is the secret behind our lightning-fast lens production, fully equipped with top-notch, modern technology and staffed with talented technicians. Plus, our in-house lab means we can provide you with an ultra-smooth and seamless experience, complete with exacting standards you can trust.

Say hello to some of the best same-day glasses London has to offer and get your new glasses or book an eye exam first at Specstore opticians Barking or Canning Town now!